⋘ Gebaseerd op een door ons verstrekte foto heeft Margarita een prachtig schilderij gemaakt. Ze toont vakmanschap in haar betrokkenheid en geeft het gevoel echt iets moois voor je te willen maken. Zo werd er rekening gehouden met de locatie van het schilderij in de woonkamer en hoe het zou passen bij de rest van het interieur. We zijn erg blij met het resultaat! ⋙



⋘ Получила свою посылочку из Голландии, а там весенняя картина-настроение от Маргариты. Вообще, они у тебя конечно абсолютно все "картины-настроение" наполняют все помещение чувствами и эмоциями. Еще безумно нравится трамвай последний, и горы и картина с мельницами. Пиши, моя дорогая, у тебя талант. И моя "весна", конечно, далеко не последняя твоя работа, которую я хочу иметь в своей коллекции ⋙


⋘ I received my parcel from Holland with spring mood painting from Margarita, In general, all your painting certainly are full of "mood", they fill the entire room with feelings and emotions. I also like a lot your last tram painting,  and the mountains and the picture with the mills. Paint, my dear, you have a talent. And my "spring", of course, is far from your last work that I want to have in my collection ⋙




⋘ Margarita created for us a magnificent oil painting that fits beautifully in our living room! Every day, looking at the painting, I am more and more amazed by her brushwork and the vibrant colors of this beauty. It feels like the painting is alive. I fell in love with the painting from the moment I saw it! Especially, the sky looks just outstanding! I saw few of her other works and I think she is extremely talented: every painting has its soul, personality and spirit. Additionally, Margarita is a very pleasant person to interact with; she listens to your needs and creates something that is right just for you. I would definitely recommend her!⋙











Sven and Katya


Thank you so much for the fotos, we can’t choose our favorite, one is better than another! We are delighted! Thank you for the wonderful memory for a lifetime! Margarita is not just a photographer, she is a unique person who sees and catches emotions, moments, which lasted perhaps a second, but remained in a foto forever. It's a real gift to see, catch it and share with us though fotos!  Photos send warmth and love, we can feel that the work is done with the soul! BIG BIG thank you!!!!!


Спасибо огромное за фотографии, которые одна лучше другой!!! Мы в восторге!!! Спасибо за прекрасную память на всю жизнь!! Фотографии хочется смотреть вновь и вновь. Маргарита не просто фотограф, она уникальный человек, который видит и ловит эмоции, моменты, которые длились, возможно,секунду, но остались на фото навсегда. Это настоящий дар видеть такое и уметь передать!!!! Фотографии излучают тепло и любовь, чувствуется, что работа сделана с душой!  


Chris and Sasha


Margarita made us very happy with her pictures, her work and with her presence at our wedding! Margarita is a caring, sensitive person. She listened carefully to all our wishes and delivered beyond our expectations. In particular, I love pictures in movement which are very difficult to capture successfully. Seconds matter. Margarita managed! We have loads of pictures in movement. The most special spontanious romantic and funny moments were captured. It went so naturally. Generally, we almost never needed to pose and that's what we liked! The pictures are natural and light. They Have a lite, transparent texture so to say. I love that! Last but not least, Margarita is very responsible and organized, she delivered result in a very professional timely manner. It was an outstanding experience to work with MargaritaCruzArt! 



Margarita is a talented photographer, particularly when it comes to capturing the subtleties, colors & natural moments. She captured all the emotions, laughter and love perfectly. They have also been amazing to show family and friends that couldn’t make our day and all of them have said they feel like they were there after viewing them. We were really impressed with the coverage of the day, and the beautiful finish to the stunning shots. Thank you!

Rui and Bianca


Margarita manages to be fun and professional simultaneously, finding the right moments to capture forever. 
She captured the love and excitement during our wedding, helping to make the day more memorable and extraordinary. 
Thank you for capturing our day with such absolutely stunning photos.